Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012


Jumat, 05 Oktober 2012
Noothgrush come from Oakland, California. The same city with other great bands such as Neurosis, Brainoil [Project of personnel Destroy and Grimple], and Asunder. The band has spent several decades to remain stagnant with their names in the Sludge / doom metal scene.

Oakland did not stop presenting the row of band is too bad to be missed. One of them came from Noothgrush is still present with the sensation of his creations. Well, i have more. Keep it reading! Initially in 1994 Gary [bassist] and Chiyo [drummer] decided to start a band that played slow and heavy. Some personnel of the band come and out in a few generations. Until today Nootgrush official in a position that makes me amazed. Dino Sommese [Dystopia] officially joined with the band is to fill in the position as a vocalist.

RK = Russ Kent, CN= Chiyo Nukaga  

What is the meaning of the word Noothgrush itself?

RK - The name is from a children's book. It has no meaning.  

Year 2011 was a year when Noothgrush release 3 albums at once in a year, did this year Noothgrush planning to create a new album?

RK - In 2011 we had not played for 10 years. We had many requests from different labels to release something over the years of inactivity. It just worked out that these things all came together last year. The Live album on Southern Lord was old live recordings we had forgotten because of poor recording and mixing quality. They re-mastered it and it sounds o.k. now. The Fuck Yoga LP is the first recording Noothgrush did in 1994 with the original guitarist Tom Choi (Asbestos Death) and 2nd bass and Moog player Luis Devilla.

Noothgrush last album, entitled Noothgrush [by Fuckyoga Records] is the album that I like most. Do you need a long time to ensure sound how would you wear? Or it just happen?

RK - The Fuck Yoga LP is the first recording Noothgrush ever did in 1994 with the original guitarist Tom Choi (Asbestos Death) and 2nd bass and Moog player Luis Devilla. This was the sound of the early incarnation of the band. Tom is an incredible guitarist and Luis added a lot of texture to the sound with his Moog. Tom and Luis had different ideas about the direction of the band and both left soon after this recording.  

For chiyo. You play drums in many bands. Do you feel this does not interfere with other activity in your band. Or you do feel very comfortable being in many bands?

CN - I'm only in two right now and Graves at Sea is not as active as Noothgrush yet since we have a member who lives out of state. I feel comfortable now. RK - I'm in 2 bands, my other band is Alaric.... I'm cool with it. Sometimes all of my free time goes into rehearsing 4 nights a week and playing shows all the time, but this is what I live for so I love it.

Do you think it would be difficult to make a music does not sound so boring? I mean I think is very hard to make music with a slow rhythm and make it sound boring..

RK - We have always been aware that slow music can get boring. We try to avoid being too repetitious, we never work a good riff into the ground, you know... less is more? And try to have enough changes to be interesting with out repeating something too much. For me it is all about the way that it is played, physically and the energy behind it.... each chord struck with force and attack. Just because it is slow that doesn't mean it can't be exciting too!

And so far, how you managed to keep the sound, and making it new?

RK - Yes, I think that Me, Chiyo and Gary play together in a certain way. Each piece makes the whole and so we move through riffs together in a way that we feel and understand. We have begun writing new songs and we are all looking forward to writing our heaviest music yet!  

About the artwork of all Noothgrush album, do you own that make it?

RK - Gary has designed some of them like the Corrupted split (and the poster inside) but each release has art from different people. The Fuck Yoga LP art was done by the artist specifically for this release. We only own our music, the artists own their art.

 Your the latest vocalist is dino, how he fit in with Noothgrush? Did not take long for him to feel comfortable?

RK - We have all been friends with Dino for many years. We did some of our earliest shows with Dystopia and have a long history with Dino so he was our first choice and He was into doing it. It did take 3 or 4 rehearsals for him to find direction.... but he is a pro and he put a lot of hard work into learning his part. It all came together perfectly and we are all very happy to be working together with Dino!  

Personally, I have never seen you live. What can be expected if one day, who knows I can see you.

RK - We put a lot of energy into rehearsal and being prepared for each show we play. What matters to Us most is that we sound good for those who come to see us and who support us by paying to be there, buying our records and t-shirts... we used to party a lot and often would play drunk and high. Now we wait 'till AFTER we play to drink and take drugs!!! And we hope you Do get to see us some day!!!  

Are there any words that you want to add before we finish this?

RK - We will have a new LP out soon of cover songs and rare tracks on Choking Hazard Records called "Arcane Failures" and the Corrupted split will be re-issued on vinyl AND cd. More news updates to follow on our Facebook page.

If you're not already.... FRIEND US on fb and keep aware of our activities.... kind of!!!
We sincerely appreciate you and everyone who loves our music, we hope to see and meet all of you soon! And THANK YOU for your INTEREST!!!
October 2012 By: Hera Sin
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